Hey There, I'm Dale.

I help consultants and coaches use the power of their unique strengths to stand out in the market and attract their dream clients!

Hey There, I'm Dale.

I help consultants and coaches use the power of their unique strengths to stand out in the market and attract their dream clients with predictability, ease and integrity.

What is My Business About?


My business is about helping you use your unique voice and skills to better serve your clients and make an impact.


It's not about having a business that simply makes you money or one that you settle for. If that was what you were after, you'd just stay in your 9-5.


It's about a business that you love - the one that represents the best of who you are and what you can offer the clients you're meant to serve.


What I do is help you gain clarity with the first steps to take to launch your brand online - collaborating with you to package your unique strengths and ideas to market and sell the solution you were meant to provide. 

THIS is the game changer that will:

  • Give you focus for everything else you need to grow your business 
  • Help you create content that attracts clients
  • Solidify your position as an expert and being compensated as one
  • Create freedom of time and making an impact while doing it

What's My Story?


I've been in the consulting and coaching world for close to 10 years. I got my start as a business development consultant at Progress Software and had the opportunity to see the entire sales life cycle, learning what it really takes to bring a prospect from lead to close

I left a great job at Progress Software when I learned I was going to be a father. Like many of the clients I now serve - I wanted to pair my success with greater freedom of time to support my growing family.

The good news...

Within 12 months of starting my own business, I was earning well into the six figures, working with great clients and really feeling the impact of my service. 

The bad news...

I was overworked, my personal life was a mess, and I continued to ask myself daily what this was all for. 

What I didn't realize at the time that I had built an expertise in finding the process that drives success in each unique circumstance.  I just needed to pause and take my own advice I was giving my clients. 

And I didn't have anyone who really encouraged me to pause to consider what were my superpowers and how I could monetize them. It took a lot of expensive trial and error to figure this out, which is why my business is 100% dedicated to one thing: 

Helping other consultants and coaches find the clarity and courage to build the RIGHT business that makes the impact you were called for. 

Which brings me to you.


I help my clients create the strategy and content that both reflects who they are AND gets people to take an action (like sign up for their course or say yes to your coaching, etc.)


It's about the win-win for both you and your client - you create offers and market them in a way that meets the needs of potential clients and in return they pay you equitably for the value you bring to the table. 


You don't have to use sales techniques that don't align with you and your values when you already have a better approach - a process and messaging that is authentic to you and your business' brand. 


We may be a good fit if...

  • You want to make a difference through your business
  • Your primary product or service is your unique skill, guidance, or message
  • Your clients tend to be people who want transformation - in their health, business, relationships and careers
  • You're sick and tired of being sick and tired and are ready to push past fear to share your message and make an impact

We may not be a good fit if...

  • You're okay giving up purpose for the sake of short-term security
  • You're not open to learning or growth

Think we might be a fit? Great!

Now, if you're good with everything here and want to see what I have to offer...