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Hey everyone, and welcome to the Digital Collab Secrets Podcast where digital marketers and influencers collaborate to do epic things! In this podcast you're going to get tips, strategies, trainings on digital marketing and everything you need to help you take your vision for your business to the next level!

Now let's get right to the show. What's up Digital Collab, it’s Dale here and I am excited for his podcast because first things first, it's Super Bowl Sunday. I can't wait for the Super Bowl later on but I am just always thinking about how can I serve my clients in a way and that's why I just wanted to jump on his podcast and let you guys know what is the the main method what started the whole Digital Collab in the first place and that is called The DAD Method.

So when I went into online business I wanted to create a freedom of time for my family. My son is now going to be 7. I have the ability to go to games, to pick him up during the day, to really be a present father that I want to be. And it’s because I focus on creating freedom of time for him, which then I started doing this DAD Method, which I'm going to share with you today because this method is the foundation to why I even started everything and why I started entrepreneurship, but why I started an online business. And so when you do this DAD Method, I guarantee you're not just going to create freedom of time for yourself, for your family, for your loved ones. But also you're going to serve your clients and customers in a way that's going to be impactful where they're making strides and thriving in the world. So let's get right to it.

The DAD Method stands for Decide. Analyze. Develop. And that's what happened when I learned that I was going to become a dad, I made a very conscious choice to create freedom of time. I decided that this is what I was going to go for and that's what you’ve got to do today. Some people get into online business and they dabble but when you do the DAD Method you make a decision. You decide that you're going to move forward and that's what you need to do today. If you're kind of on the fence and you’re like man, I don't know if I want to still do this. I don't know here. This is the time where you decide are you going to go in are you going to go out? So which one is that for you?

Next is analyze. And so after I decided I wanted to create freedom of time. I was like man what do I do? How do I analyze what skills am I good at? How do I do this? How do I do that? And I started to really analyze what do I have right now? What do I have? What do I have that can really serve the world? What knowledge, what resources are already in my possession that I can use at this current time because right now you have everything you need for that next step. And for you to really embrace it to move forward, that is where you’ve got to be really resourceful and figure out what do you have currently, in this current state right now, that's going to help you take that next step. So you need to analyze to move forward, which is this last step which is develop.

This is where all the how and the sweat equity, this is where that comes into play. This is where you're like, alright, I decided, I analyzed, now it's time to make the step. It’s time to make the jump or leap whatever you want to call it. But this is the time where the action really happens and this is where the Digital Collab comes in because when you come to the decide and first thing, the decide part of the DAD Method, that is all on you. That is a personal choice. But that analyze and develop, this is where the Digital Collab really helps you with the strategies to analyze and set that benchmark for you, so you can move forward to the next step. But also where you start getting into the “how tos” and how to really create that online business, how to do your digital marketing, how to do your content marketing, how to make the sales process, how to really generate leads and nurture those leads, and really create systems that are really going to help your business thrive in that next step of your journey.

So today I want you to take this DAD Method and really make it your own. I want you to decide which step, which route you're going to go. I want you to analyze and I want you to develop. Now if you're like “man, how do I do this? Like, how do I really decide?” I mean, like I said that is a very personal choice. That’s a personal decision that you have to make but if you're listening to this, you've already made it because you are pursuing to get that knowledge and everything. You're like, “yes. I want to go. This is the route I want to go.”

Now next is analyze. Now below you're going to get a link that's going to take you to the Digital Biz Roadmap. These are the six key areas that are going to really help you thrive in your digital business and these are the areas that you need to analyze. Now check out that roadmap, it's definitely going to give you a blueprint of how to analyze and how to get started on the next part which is develop and that's really that's when we get to the nitty-gritty.

This is where the sweat equity, this is where all the tactics and strategies get put into place to create those systems, to create that freedom that you're wanting for your life, that digital freedom. And if you're anything like me - freedom over everything, right? That's what I'm looking for, man. I'm looking to create a lifestyle that has freedom and absolute control to you know, really give back to my family to the people that I love that surrounded me and also to my clients and customers as well.

So you have everything that you need to really make this DAD Method work for you. So now let's take some action and go do it and let me know how you guys are doing with this and I will be talking you guys later. See you.

Woo! Man, that episode was absolute fire! I hope you guys got some tangible steps to help you increase your business today and keep the needle moving forward. Now if you want to get some more tips and strategies make sure you check out the website This website is going to give you everything you need from content marketing to funnels optimization to help you move the needle forward in your business today.

Now, I'm super excited to see what you guys create. Make sure you link up with us on every social platform and make sure you're creating your epic vision today.

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