The Tears That Changed My Life! 



The Tears That Changed My Life!

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One spring morning, I found myself in a position I never expected. Two people I cared for so much were in tears; my fiance was going back to work and desperately wanted to be home with our son. I knew immediately I needed to create a better life for my family, for my son, and for myself. 


I didn't know where to start or what to do. I was broke, with no job, and lost in life, but there was a spark as tiny as a mustard seed inside wanting more for our futures. Their tears shook my soul and made me spring into action. 


But how do I fix this?

Where do I start?


I started looking for jobs while taking care of my son. I landed a nice technology sales job pretty quickly, but something was still missing. I came home empty, never getting ahead financially, and often feeling like there had to be more to life. I wanted to support my family mentally, emotionally, and financially!! 


Even though I didn't know the ACTION steps to start this new chapter of my life, I knew WHAT lifestyle I wanted to CREATE for my family and myself.

That was the first step - having a VISION.



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Dale is my business coach & online mentor!! He provides me with so much value & knowledge that I can then provide to my community! He’s amazing with breaking down the process of building a business from scratch & coaching me along the way!

~ Fabiana Perez | Health Coach

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Dale is the best at putting things in perspective. He’s helped me navigate through lots of change and still have compassion for myself. He always helps me stay motivated and focused so I can keep moving forward!

~ Madison Rude | Entrepreneur

The Spark That Started The Blaze!


My new found "Dad Hustle" was at an all time high and everything was starting to come together. I had a full docket of clients and everything was going great. The only problem was, the "Dad Hustle" without a system was unsustainable. Then we had to move and everything came crashing down. 


My business and I never fully adapted to the move. I struggled to find success in our new location because I didn't have the right funnels and frameworks. But that spark that ignited me into action was now becoming a roaring fire. 


I had to create something more than just a business, a movement.


The Dadpreneur was born!


The Fire Keeps Burning!


One winter morning after a series of mishaps and drama, something rose in me like a Phoenix. I sprung into action. I created my personal life/biz plan and executed it to the T.  This "Digital Biz Roadmap" became the foundation I needed to align with my vision and my calling. This gave me the confidence to take flight toward my dreams.


They say hindsight is 20:20. Looking back, I knew all the missteps I made and what I would do differently. 


That's why I'm on a mission to teach entrepreneurs, fathers, and high achievers how to develop the high-value skills they need to take action toward their vision of creating freedom, profitability, and fulfillment in their life and business. 


Ready to get started?

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